Indoor Gardens / March 28, 2016


I came across this super cute terrarium while wandering around Home Depot in the garden section and since it was on super clearance for only $5 I knew it would be a great project idea!  To begin I gathered the supplies I already had on hand – soil, polished rocks (from my husband’s stash), moss & dried lichens.


I then went to our local garden center to purchase the square saucers & tiny plants.  I like to use a good mix of blooming plants and ones with different leaf textures and variegation to add interest.


Since the terrarium didn’t have a very deep pan in the bottom I used the square saucers to create my own and since they are clear it was easy to hide them with the rocks and moss.

IMG_3992[1]           IMG_3994[1]     IMG_3996[1]

After I added some of the polished rocks and moss I began to fill in with soil and dried Lichens.  Then I created spots for the plants, removed them from their pots, spread their roots out and planted them in.

IMG_3997[1]          IMG_3998[1]      IMG_3999[1]

After about seven plants were in (I had a few left over because I always buy too many!) I covered up the soil with more moss and lichens.


After a careful watering with a small watering can I was ready to take a few more pictures and clean up!

IMG_4003[1]       IMG_4004[1]       IMG_4006[1]

It really only took me about an hour to get everything out, plant & clean up my mess.  I set the dining room table with my new place mats and the terrarium for a fresh Spring look!




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