Photography, Plants / January 19, 2017

Echinacea ‘Sunbird’

Welcome to the garden sweet Echinacea ‘Sunbird’!  This beautiful perennial coneflower is hardy to Zones 4-8 and did an excellent job blooming in a raised garden bed filled with other bee friendly perennials.  The location of the raised garden bed was on a driveway off an alley with a lot of sun, very hot conditions & sometimes dry.  Echinacea ‘Sunbird’ was in continuous bloom from July all the way into October because of our everlasting Fall season in 2016.  I only clipped off a few done blossoms to keep her going and found very easy to take care of.  I would highly recommend this hybrid coneflower and will let you know how she faired our Winter season:)




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