Garden Restoration / February 1, 2017

Raised Garden Beds

Last Fall our weather stayed so beautiful I was able to do a little restoration on these old garden beds and get them ready for Spring planting.  As you can see from the photos there was a bit of clean up and removal that needed to take place before the new raised beds could be put into place.  I started by removing the spent vegetable plants and placing everything into reusable paper garden bags then hauling them off site to be recycled into compost.   Then I removed the old metal edging that was used to create the original garden beds.  This type of material didn’t work well for the homeowners because they had a few bunnies and no way to keep them out.  The metal edging couldn’t provide a good surface for attaching any fencing to keep the bunnies out so we decided it was time for some fresh garden beds.

I would like to take a moment to talk about the raised garden beds because they are absolutely hands down the best around!  I had them custom made to fit the original space for this garden and ordered them from  I have ordered from The Farmstead once before and also referred them to another client who has them double stacked in his yard for a pollinator garden.  These raised beds are so easy to put together, I can do it myself with only a hammer to nudge the ends into place.  They are made from Vermont White Cedar and are not treated with chemicals.  Please call The Farmstead or order online today!!

The next step for these raised garden beds will be to attach some type of fencing to keep the bunnies out but still be able to have good function for weeding and picking those yummy vegetables.  The homeowner has already planted some garlic and I can’t wait to see those delicate green shoots growing this Spring!  Cheers to home grown and eating fresh:)


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