Indoor Gardens / February 14, 2017

Open Terrarium

Hi there!  Today I wanted to share the pictures and instructions for putting together an open terrarium.

I gathered my materials:

Fertilome soil for Cactus and Succulants

Open glass dish or vase

5 – 6 small succulants

Bonide Systemic for Houseplants

Rocks for the top & bottom of the terrarium

I began by placing some larger rocks in the bottom for drainage.

Next I added a couple handfuls of the soil, gently packing it down after each addition.

After the soil was ready to go I started adding the plants in one by one so I could move and adjust them as needed.

When the plants are all set I add a little Bonide Houseplant Systemic to the top of the soil to keep the fungus gnats from making an appearance.

Then the pretty rocks go on top of the soil to cover it up!  I also added some shells for extra interest and texture.

Give them a little water and clean up the mess!  The Terraium looks really nice next to our wood bowl filled with polished rocks on our kitchen island:)


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