Photography / April 3, 2017

Minnesota Spring

Over the last week our weather has been pretty amazing for the end of March/early April, high temp’s in the 50’s and lows above freezing!  I wanted to share some of the Spring treasure’s coming up in our garden’s around the house.  The slide show begins with three different kinds of Sedum groundcover then Tulip Bulbs, Achillea/Yarrow, Lysimachia/Creeping Jenny, Weeping Pussy Willow and lastly Crocus bulbs.  Notice the progression and growth on the Crocus bulbs (which are normally blooming in the snow!).  These photos were taken over the coarse of about a five day period and those little Crocus truly amaze me every Spring and give me a big smile after the long Winter months.  I actually had some blooming a couple of days ago but a not-so -friendly bunny ate them up before I could get a good photo.  I have been forced to sprinkle some Bonide Repels All on the mulch around the tulips and crocus bulbs.  Stay tuned for more photos to come over the next few weeks!


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